Love Overdue - Pamela Morsi More of my reviews at The Cozy Reading Corner

Oh man, I loved this book! It was absolutely enchanting, endearing, and adorable. While there were a few things that I would have liked to be elaborated on, it was easy to overlook in the grand scheme of awesomeness going on in this book. This is the story of D.J. - a single, 29-year old librarian who has just moved to a small town hoping to make a fresh start; and Scott - a divorced single, 30-year old pharmacist who has lived in the same small town all his life. D.J. likes the world to see her as a very boring and uptight woman so that she's never vulnerable. The only time she's ever let her hair down to live a little was with that one guy during spring break eight years ago. When D.J. arrives in this new small town with her very cute puppy, Dew, she finds out that her landlady's son just so happens to be the same hot guy from spring break. She feels lucky that he doesn't recognize her and a little hurt, I mean how does he not remember the best night of her life? When Scott first meets D.J. he can tell that she has taken an immediate dislike to him, although he can't fathom why. He thinks there's something very familiar about her, but he never quite manage to put his finger on what it is. I loved watching these two stumble around each other, avoiding the inevitable. It was obvious to everyone how much chemistry they had, and you were just waiting for them to realize it. I loved D.J. and her work at the library. I loved James, who worked at the library with her. Scott is one hunky guy and I loved him as well. But I really had a soft spot for Viv and the relationship she develops with D.J.'s dog, Dewey, as she tries to adapt to the loss of her husband all while being the mastermind behind D.J. and Scott's relationship. In conclusion, Love Overdue is more than worthy of the five-star rating I have rewarded it and when you read it, prepare yourself for a lot of feels. :))

An ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley.