Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn JLA will never let me down! Another fantastically-awesome book with even more fantastically-amazing characters (*cough* Cam *cough*)! ♥

Jennifer answers some questions:

Will there be more books focusing on other characters, like Ollie and Jase?
I do have some ideas rolling around my head about them, but nothing set in stone. More of a wait and see kind of thing.

WAIT FOR YOU does take place in West Virginia and the same university I went to school with. The “Den” does exist, but is really known as the “Ram’s Den” and University Heights is a real place full of college kids.

Sheetz is an awesome convenience store throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

The turtle that Cam has as a pet is really a Russian tortoise. Turtles are aquatic.

Will WAIT FOR YOU be in print?
There are currently no plans at this time.