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There are no words that can accurately describe the magic and wondrousness that is Splintered. A.G. Howard brought to life the much darker counterparts of Wonderland and it's many inhabitants with beautifully horrific descriptions that was not read, but instead devoured. The characters were amazing and real, you never truly knew what anybody's motives were until everything came together in the end in a fantastically-mad, mind-boggling ending. I absolutely loved this book and will always treasure it as the true classic novel that it is! I'm also awaiting the sequel with bated breath.

Okay, I cannot gush enough about how much I loved this book so I just have to write more! Wonderland was amazing, I lived seeing the chaotic non-logic that everyone there lives by. I loved seeing the characters we all know and love turn out to be completely different than anything we could have imagined. I absolutely adored Morpheus, I just couldn't help it (even when I thought he was an evil back-stabbing liar). Alyssa was awesome! I admired her determination to break the curse for her mom and her bravery in going down the rabbit hole to begin with along with her continued bravery all throughout her journey there when everything she ever knew was tested. Jeb was just ridiculously crush-worthy and you couldn't help but root for him to get the girl. Just let it be known that A.G. Howard is a freakin' literary genius! Alright, I think I'm done fangirling.... for now. :))