Life After Theft - Aprilynne Pike More of my reviews at The Cozy Reading Corner

Wow! Life After Theft was really amazing in a totally unexpected way. After seeing the cover and reading the synopsis, I was expecting a light-hearted, slightly funny read about a klepto ghost. And I while I still got a slightly funny read about a klepto ghost, it was in no way light-hearted..... and I loved it! The story is told from Jeff's point of view- he's the new kid who just moved to Santa Monica from Phoenix. I absolutely loved Jeff! He was one of those very special people who's just naturally good. He was always willing to do the right thing, even if it wasn't to his advantage or something he necessarily wanted to do. On Jeff's first day to this super fancy private school, he meets Kimberlee Schaffer. She's hot, popular, rich, and a ghost. I loved how much Jeff needed convincing that Kimberlee was real and not some figment of his imagination or a result of some long-hidden craziness. Sometimes in books characters can believe the supernatural stuff too easily (Ex. Boy:"Yeah, I'm a vampire. I drink blood and stuff....." Girl: "Oh..... okay." **kisses**). Kimberlee is convinced that the reason she's a ghost and hasn't moved on is because she needs to return all the stuff she's ever stolen...... and trust me, she's stolen a lot. Since Jeff is the only one who can see her, she asks him to help with her redemption mission and Jeff being well, Jeff, agrees. Jeff eventually enlists the help of Khail, starts crushing on his sister, Sera, and thus their adventure unfolds..... I adored Jeff! I liked Khail. And Sera I had mixed feelings about. During the beginning and a huge portion the middle, I wasn't completely sold on Sera. But toward the end, she kind of redeemed herself and I found myself liking her. Now, for the most complicated character of the bunch: Kimberlee. When this girl was alive she was a bad person, like, a really bad person. It wasn't just the klepto stealing- she was a spoiled brat who always expected things to go her way and whey they didn't, she took it out on others. Now, with that little tidbit, you'd expect the reader to hate her! But, I just couldn't. Maybe it was because she was so pitiful, but I found myself feeling sorry for her and rooting for her happy ending. I think this is proof of the pure genius that is Aprilynne Pike, that she could make me feel this was toward a character who so obviously doesn't deserve it. But yet, in the end even Kimberlee manages to redeem herself and speaking of the end..... that ending! Some people might not go for it because of some loose ends that never get tied up, but I personally loved it! I can't imagine the story ending any other way, it felt right and was just sort of perfect. In conclusion, I really, really enjoyed this book and I totally recommend that you read it! I promise, you won't regret it. :))

Actual Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

An ARC was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss.