Naked (The Blackstone Affair, #1) - Raine Miller I heard about this book when NetGalley sent me an email saying "Don't miss Raine Miller's New York Times bestselling books." I was intrigued. So when I read the synopsis that was slightly reminiscent of Fifty Shades of Grey, I decided to check it out. Ever since Fifty, I've been looking for a book that was similar without being a replica. I had thought to find that in Naked. Now, don't get me wrong- the book was pretty enjoyable. And while having some very similar themes with Fifty, it still managed to come across as being a separate entity. This is probably why it wasn't as good. Our main character, Brynne, is going to school in London and in order to get some extra cash has taken up modeling- nude. She is at the art gallery of her best friend, Benny, when she meets Ethan Blackstone, who just so happens to be CEO of his own company. (Seeing any resemblances yet?) After they meet, they fall pretty quickly into bed, and subsequently fall in love with one another, all without either of them expressing their true feelings. Now, I know Ana and Christian also got into bed early on in their story, but the pacing was so superb, it felt like nothing was rushed. Sadly, Naked's pacing wasn't as spot on, so you get that feeling of being rushed. I don't know if it was because it was so short, but everything happened in quick succession and the "big secret" at the end was honestly not that big of a deal. This caused the 'cliffhanger' to fall flat. (The cliffhangers between Fifty and Naked are also very similar, except when reading the former I was dying to find out what happened compared to the latter- where all I felt was mild interest.) I know this review sounds like I'm complaining and that I didn't enjoy the story- but strangely enough, I did. It was a short, entertaining read and I recommend it for Fifty fans who need a little something to read between their re-read of the series. ;) I will be reading the sequel, All In, because I am curious to find out what happens next and to read the story from Ethan's POV.

A copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley.