Fury - Elizabeth  Miles More of my reviews at The Cozy Reading Corner

Wow. Fury was a suspenseful and haunting story about three girls- three furies- taking revenge on two teens, a boy named Chase and a girl named Emily, who have both done something very bad. This is a story about love, loss and revenge. It is a tale that will not soon be forgotten. The three furies- Ty, Ali and Meg- were portrayed very well and I could easily picture them. Chase and Emily were also very well-developed characters. And although I didn't agree with what they did, I could understand it. Gabby, Emily's best friend, was a very strong side character and was very likeable. She was someone you could easily imagine being your best friend. Zach, one of the "bad" guys, was very easy to hate; I could definitely imagine blocking him on Facebook. ;)
Although the story and plot was very good, I found myself wishing that things had turned out differently. Which I'm guessing was the author's point, so I applaud Elizabeth for that. I am hoping that there will be a sequel, because I feel like this story could need some expanding on- I want certain issues to be resolved between Emily and JD and between Emily and the Furies!!! (The way Elizabeth ended the book was also VERY intriguing and I wouldn't mind reading about that either!)
One other thing I must applaud Elizabeth Miles on is the originality of the this whole book. I've never read anything quite like this and it was a refreshing change. Overall it was an awesome read that I definitely recommend to everyone. But please note- there were a few parts that even had me wanting to hide under the covers. lol :))

An ARC was provided by Simon & Schuster for review.