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TSPOLAFS is one of those books you pick up with expectations already formed. When I began reading it, I had prepared myself for a cutesy, feel-good love story (Just look at that title!). I wasn't expecting to form this connection with the book- one that made me cry, laugh, and fall in love.... This is a story to treasure. It's a book you want sitting on your shelf so that you can experience the magic again and again, whenever you feel like it. I finished this book in a couple of hours and it felt like like it had lasted a lifetime. This book is about destiny, chance, forgiveness, and love. It's filled with gut-wrenching emotions, pretty dresses, ariplanes, and a cute british boy named Oliver. The story is a whole new level of awesome. And I can't explain any of it without giving something critical away, but I can tell you this: I absolutely love and recommend this book and there is a good statiscial probability that you will too! <3<br/>
"Who would have guessed that four minutes could change everything?"