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Ultraviolet absolutely captivated me! I loved every word of every sentence on every page! R.J. Anderson has told us the wonderful story of Alison Jeffries, a very unique sixteen-year-old girl who has a very special ability. She is able to see sounds and taste colors; every letter of the alphabet has their own color and personality. I loved reading about how Alison perceives the world; the stars sung to her and her music gave her splashes of color. Everything was beautifully written and I was so bewitched by this story that I ended up staying awake until the wee hours of the morning just to finish it. I can't talk about the book all that much without giving anything away, so I'll be keeping this review kind of vague. The ending was magical and just as it should be. I loved how Anderson gave the reader the power to choose what they wanted to believe and I really hope a sequel to this book is in the making! Overall, I just want to convey how much sheer awesomeness is in this book. It teaches the reader a very valuable lesson, for instance, I feel like I understand much more about mentally ill patients than I did previous to reading this masterpiece and I will be forever grateful for that lesson. The bottom line is, you need to read the book because it is ahhhh-mazing! <3