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Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder is a wonderfully awesome story! I absolutely loved this book! Snyder has created a whole new world with awesome characters. Avry is the main character and she is a Healer. This means that when someone is sick/hurt, she has the ability to absorb their sickness/pain and take it into herself because being a Healer gives her the ability to heal way faster than normal everyday people. Unfortunately, there is one type of sickness that even a Healer can't survive, and it's called the Plague. It swept through Avry's world and killed thousands of people. False word got out that the Healers had started the Plague, so they began to be hunted down. Avry is the last Healer. The world that Avry lives in is divided into Fifteen Realms, but ever since the Plague these realms have been fighting with each other and her world is a total disaster. It is believed that only one person can put a stop to all this destruction: Prince Ryne. But there is one little problem; he is sick with the Plague. So, a band of his faithful friends are out searching for the last Healer *cough* Avry *cough*, this little group is led by Kerrick. When Kerrick captures Avry to heal Prince Ryne the adventure really starts, and you'll definitely want to be around for the ride. Overall, this book took me on a wonderful journey that I absolutely adored! It's a great read that I definitely recommend. <3<br/>
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