Past Perfect - Leila Sales More of my reviews at The Cozy Reading Corner

Past Perfect was a breath of fresh air. Even though it wasn't my usual genre, Leila Sales made me fall in love with this story and with the characters. I loved the whole idea behind this book! It takes place at Essex Historical Colonial Village where Chelsea Glaser (or Elisabeth Connelly as she is known at work) and her best friend Fiona work as reenactors. Chelsea's ex-boyfriend Ezra is also working at Essex this summer (yikes!). Antyways, as long as anyone can remember the volunteers of Essex have been at war with those at Civil War ReenactmentLand. So you can imagine the chaos that would have ensued if anyone knew that Lieutenant Chelsea of Essex was consorting with Civil Warrior Dan. Yes people, I'm talking about DRAMA!!! So go ahead and get some popcorn popped!!! Moving on, I think the whole reenacting shin-dig was super awesome. These people get to stand around all day in the sweltering heat wearing petticoats and other hot and heavy material all while pretending that they live hundreds of years in the past. For example, if anyone asks them where the bathroom is, they have to pretend to have no earthly idea what a bathroom is and are like "Oh! Do you mean the privy?" And they get paid for this people! I'm seriously upset that my hometown doesn't have one of these around. Because after reading this book, I would have totally been looking for the sign-up sheet! But back to the matter at hand, this really was an awesomely ahhhh-mazing story that I really enjoyed and totally recommend (even if this isn't your usual genre) because it is totally worth it!!! <3<br/>
An ARC was provided by Simon & Schuster for review.