Living Dead Girl - Elizabeth Scott More of my reviews at The Cozy Reading Corner

I decided not to rate this book, because I think it far surpasses a mere star rating. I have never read a more haunting story. Never truly realized it was like that. This is a book about child abduction and what is done to those poor children by their captors. Before reading this book, I would have been one of those people who would have asked: "Why didn't they try to run? Why didn't they try to tell someone?" Now I know. Now I understand. This book made me wish I could enter the story and stop that poor little girl from ever going on that field trip and from ever getting taken away. Ray was a man of pure evil, yet I have to admit I understand why he was the way he was. It was because his own mother treated him the way he now treats his captors. And someone probably treated his mother that way..... it's a chain. In the end, I wanted nothing more for Kyla (aka Alice) than for her to be free. And that's exactly what she got: Freedom. But you have to read the book to understand how she really attained it. This book teaches a valuable lesson that many people need to learn. It isn't as easy as just walking up and telling someone. And most people don't want hear it anyway; they look right through them. Those abducted children really become a Living Dead Girl/Boy. This book was more haunting because of the reality of it. Because it can really happen. Because it has happened. Because there really are sick people like that out there. I recommend this book to anyone willing to learn this hard lesson, but beware this book is for mature teens and adults; because it doesn't give you a watered down version, it tells you like it is. It tells you the truth.