Darkness Becomes Her - Kelly Keaton More of my reviews at The Cozy Reading Corner

This book was ahhh-mazing!!! And I loved everything about it! The characters were awesome. The location was perfect. The mysteries were haunting. The romance was sweet. I will literally be waiting with bated breath until I can get my hands on the sequel! Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton will definitely be going on my "Favorites" shelf! The plot was awesome, it was fast-paced and never had a dull moment. The main character; Ari was super cool. She has some **cough-cough** weird lineage and very different looks. For example, she has silver hair that can't be cut or dyed. Pshh, talk about jealousy? It totally made me want to dress up as Ari for Halloween. Then there is Jenna aka Crank, Henri, Dub, Violet, Pascal (the albino alligator), and Sebastian. All of them together kind of make-up the misfit gang in their home in New 2, New Orleans. New 2 is a city that is no longer owned by America because after the hurricanes destroyed it, nobody wanted it, so the Novem banded together and bought the city and it's now under their control. Cool, right? In their city, there are some awesome creatures such as vampires, witches/warlocks, shape shifters, harpies, gorgons, and gods/goddesses! This book really left me hanging and wanting more of all the drama and excitement of living life in New 2! Overall, this was a fantastic book that I can't recommend enough!!! <3<br/>P.S.- If you would like to read more of Kelly Keaton's books, you can find her adult fiction work under the name Kelly Gay. :))