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Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby was fairy, fairy good (<-- See what I did there?)!!! It was action packed and kept you guessing the whole way through. I loved the characters and the whole concept of the story. And I especially loved the sarcastic, tiny hipster fairies. The main character of this book is Emma Jones, who is supposed to be a dragon slayer. I mean, it's pretty much a given since her mom was a very famous dragon slayer. But (uh-oh), Curtis Green ends up becoming a dragon slayer and Emma becomes a fairy slayer. We should probably clear a few things up, there has never been a fairy slayer before, because they're pretty much harmless. So, you can imagine that Emma gets really upset (understatement). But moving on, Emma's two best friends at Burtonwood Academy are Loni and Tyler. Loni is a horoscope-reading gal and she's a goblin slayer. Tyler is a betting guy and he's a slayer of fire-breathing salamanders. Now, in order to be a slayer you have to have the sight. That's because sight-blind people (a.k.a. regular folks like us) can't see the elemental creatures. The story progresses and the mystery starts to unfold as Emma and her friends have to battle a giant killer fairy. Overall, this book was ├╝ber awesome! And I definitely recommend it; because I for one totally enjoyed it! :))