Being - Kevin Brooks More of my reviews at The Cozy Reading Corner

Being was absolutely captivating and I could scarcely put it down. The story starts out with Robert Smith going to the doctor for a routine examination: an endoscopy. But what they see there was anything but routine. I don't want to give the story away, but what they see causes a whole set of events to unfold. Robert ends up going to Eddi (who is a girl) because she makes fake IDs and he needs a new identity. Then once Eddie becomes involved with all of Robert's problems, they end up having to go off together to live in hiding. Then a whole bunch of other things happen; some of it awesome and some of it really sad. But overall this was a book full of intrigue, fighting, romance, a whole lot of awesomeness, and a lesson that teaches you what it really means to be human. I absolutely loved it and will definitely be reading more of Kevin Brooks' books in the future. :))