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Misfit was so unlike anything else I've ever read and I loved every page of it! Jon Skovron put a whole new twist on the Heaven, Hell, and demon concept that really had my gears turning. Jael, the main character of this book, was a half-breed. She was half human (on her father's side) and half demoness (on her mother's side). Jael's heritage makes her a very special girl because half-breeds are pretty much hated by all the other demons because of the powers they possess. (Speaking of powers, the way Jon described how Jael controlled the elements was really awesome!) I really loved Jael's uncle Dagon, who was a Fish King demon. Jael's mother was actually murdered by this evil demon which left Jael's dad to be a single parent. Another aspect I really loved about this book was how we got to have lots of flashbacks of her mother and father's life. It was very cute to get to see they met and how they eventually fell in love. Speaking of love, I really liked Rob, the cute skater-dude with hidden depths. I also felt really sorry for Brittany, who is Jael's best friend, because she has been already been through so many hardships and she's only a teenager. Overall, I really connected with the characters and loved this book!!! It's definitely a must-read!!! <3<br/>My official rating would have to be: 4.5/5 stars

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